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Happy Glass… Happy Friday…



Hey all–

I just finished with the last of a bulk order I worked on this week. (Yay!)

Thought I’d share some quick pics with you.  I’m especially proud of the Schlenk bottle with the three-way.  That was a bit challenging for me.  But that’s what makes it so fun! Woo-Hoo! yay glass!

Okay then.  Get outside and have a ball this weekend… It’s supposed to be somewhat nice! Yay sunshine!


Until next time- Amanda

Happy 2016!


Wow… It has been SUCH a looooong time!  I’ve been so busy and wrapped up with work…. I had seriously neglected my little spot here.

Anylogies to anyone who actually visited.

I promise I won’t let it go again.


So we had a couple of wonderful visitors to the glass shop today.  Andy’s old employers from Missouri stopped by to pay a visit!  It was a very nice time.

And it’s actually thanks to Joni that I’m here now… updating!

So I’ve gotten the site back up and running, and it looks like I’m good to go!


I don’t have a whole lot to share right now, other than a quick snap of what I’ve been working on as of late….



A couple bubblers, a condenser, adapter, etc…

I love it.



I don’t know much about pollen. I do know It causes a lot of people a lot of trouble.

But I’ll be honest— I never gave it much thought…
…until today.
When I first stepped outside this morning, the first thing I saw was orange cars. That’s right- all the cars in our driveway were covered in this yellow-orange super fine power stuff. It turns out- that’s pollen.
It was everywhere. It still is. After investigating what the stuff on all the cars was, I turned around.
And that’s when I *really* saw it. Woah.
With the sunlight now behind me, it provided the just right lighting for me to see the air in front of me. And Oh. My. Goodness.

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Oooh I do so love winter! Mmm… The crispy ice cold air, the snow, the branches of all the trees showing, School Closings, the panic of the last-minute grocery store shoppers, grabbing for the last loaf of bread and last gallon of milk before the “big storm.” Everyone’s all bundled up in their chunky winter attire… It’s just wonderful! And even with the frigid sub-zero temperatures, a couple inches of ice on the ground- dangerous (if not somewhat comical) fish-tailing cars all around, and stupidly strong winds blowing sideways snow in your face… EVERYBODY’s in a good mood it seems. I just love it.

Then again, I’ve always been a big fan of winter. (Yes, even with the unforgiving teeth-chattering ice-air…) I love it.

The one and only thing I don’t absolutely love about it is this: Christmas is over. Time to take the decorations down. Everything is clean and bare again. 😦 Boring. I could look at this view out my front door every day, all the time. I just love winter. 🙂

Just Because…. I love you!


I just have to say, thank you so much to all of my wonderful customers & friends!

As a way of expressing my sincerest gratitude, as well as sharing in Christmas spirit, I am offering a 30% discount at my Etsy Shop!

This discount isn’t really available to just anyone, you have to come here to get the coupon code: JUSTBECAUSE.

That’s all! When you are checking out, there will be an option to enter a “Coupon Code.”

That’s where you type in “JUSTBECAUSE” (without the quotes)
And the price will be discounted by 30%!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!

Merry Christmas!!!



This week’s Why Not Wednesday WINNER is:


Thank you so much for your entries, Pam!

All you need to do is tell me which beads you want!

You can email me if you prefer (

Or, Facebook, of course:

Everybody else- don’t fret… Why Not Wednesday will return in 2 weeks!
❄️ ❄️ ❄️
We’re taking this week off in order to celebrate 🎄Christmas🎄 with the fam!
However, come January 1st, I’ll be back with bells on! And with all new (non-Christmas themed) glassy goodies to GIVE AWAY!
If I don’t make it back here in the next week, then let me wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas!


I hope to see you then!

Why Not?! New Drawing


Here we are again for another GIVEAWAY!

Don’t miss your chance for a buncha FREE BEADS!

Here are this week’s questions:

1). Christmas Gift Shopping preference: on the internet or in a store?

2). What’s the coolest thing that ever happened to you? (Something you don’t mind bragging about) :o)

3). If you were the ruler of your own country, what would you call it?

Have fun! I can’t wait to see your answers!

⁉️ If you’re new here, and want to know more about Why Not Wednesdays, click here for the deets!