…The Beginning…


Hey everybody! I have finally decided to join the rest of the world on the Internet. Finally. My body naturally rejects technology; I sort of hate it.
HOWEVER, having an open mind, I am willing to at least give it a try. After all, I won’t know til I try, right?!
This is all very confusing to me, and VERY complicated… So all I ask is that you bear with me, and understand that I’m a moron -technologically speaking, that is. No seriously if you only knew how much trouble it was for me to get this far- you’d just shake your head and walk away…. Or, uh… Click away.

I wrote up a nice little “page” about myself- I thought it said it would be on the “home” page…. Nah… That’s long gone now, and it’s appeared in the “about me” page. Der. Operator failure.
And I still can’t get that back to where it was before I messed it all up.
And I still haven’t figured out the whole “header image” thang…. I’ve been trying for hours (yep, that’s right- hours) to get my measly little banner to show up (correctly) on this site. Der again. Apparently, there are size issues, cropping crap, etc. etc. and I just don’t know enough about it to help myself.

Pages, Posts, Links, Widgets (oh, come on- “widgets”? Seriously… That just sounds made up), Users, etcetera ETCETERA……

What does all that mean?! What happened Layman’s Terms? Oh, wait- the rest of the world probably does consider these laymen’s terms. 🙂

So, until some expert blog techy computer or iPad saavy genius steps forward to clue me in- the main thing I’ll focus on is BEADS!!!

Pictures of my work. That’s what you can expect to find here. And directions (links?) to take you to my other places that have my …

Thanks so much for taking the time to pop into my blog? website? This place.

Wish me luck and here we go!


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