Oooh I do so love winter! Mmm… The crispy ice cold air, the snow, the branches of all the trees showing, School Closings, the panic of the last-minute grocery store shoppers, grabbing for the last loaf of bread and last gallon of milk before the “big storm.” Everyone’s all bundled up in their chunky winter attire… It’s just wonderful! And even with the frigid sub-zero temperatures, a couple inches of ice on the ground- dangerous (if not somewhat comical) fish-tailing cars all around, and stupidly strong winds blowing sideways snow in your face… EVERYBODY’s in a good mood it seems. I just love it.

Then again, I’ve always been a big fan of winter. (Yes, even with the unforgiving teeth-chattering ice-air…) I love it.

The one and only thing I don’t absolutely love about it is this: Christmas is over. Time to take the decorations down. Everything is clean and bare again. 😦 Boring. I could look at this view out my front door every day, all the time. I just love winter. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Wonderland

    • Isn’t it pretty?! It makes me sad when it’s over. And now that it is- when I look outside, it’s so weird and plain and boring and blah. I can almost understand the desire to keep it up all year! (*almost*) Ü

      Oh and Cinder- apropos of your email… I’m am in the final stages… Just grouping photos together with their corresponding listings. Should be up within an hour! (Finally)

      I will post pictures and links when I’m done! And seriously- thank you so much for the nudge! (You know I need that!) Love you!

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