I don’t know much about pollen. I do know It causes a lot of people a lot of trouble.

But I’ll be honest— I never gave it much thought…
…until today.
When I first stepped outside this morning, the first thing I saw was orange cars. That’s right- all the cars in our driveway were covered in this yellow-orange super fine power stuff. It turns out- that’s pollen.
It was everywhere. It still is. After investigating what the stuff on all the cars was, I turned around.
And that’s when I *really* saw it. Woah.
With the sunlight now behind me, it provided the just right lighting for me to see the air in front of me. And Oh. My. Goodness.

My first thought/initial instinct was to cover my face with my shirt. I may not know jack about “pollen counts” and what not- but I *do* know it just can’t be good to breathe that stuff in. It was really something. So once I got everybody outside to look at this craziness, we started looking up what the actual “pollen count” was for our area on our handy dandy little devices.
I don’t have a clue what “9.7+” actually means, but right next to it said, “Very High.” (Duh)

So today officially became an indoor day. That’s okay- my studio is indoors, so I’ll still have something fun to do. Just no fun playful outdoor adventures today. Which I normally wouldn’t mind, except that we have family visiting this weekend.
And isn’t that what you’re supposed to do— play outside, barbecue, cookout, frisbee tournaments, ladder golf, fishing, swimming, canoeing, (our house is on a lake), volleyball, regular golf (yawn), etc…? Oh well… Maybe next weekend.

Pollen Car Pollen CarPollen WindowPollen CarPollen CarPollen Car



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